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It was established in 2010, committed to the producing hook loop cable ties, Ski Straps, ski pole sleeves, elastic band, medical straps, adhesive hook loop and other related series of sports products. Europe and the United States are as the main target market and products are exported at home and abroad. We have built a collaborative relationship with Intersport, K2, ToKo, Nodica, Swix, Coop and other European and American world-famous sports brand. To meet diversified procurement requirement from our customers, we independently research and produce bicycle bags, all kinds of gun holsters, laundry bags, neoprene products, etc. The competitiveness and international influence of the enterprise are enhanced by constantly enriching the product category of the company and considerate customer service.
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  • 25 2020.12
    Friends who like to practice yoga will generally fall in love with yoga-related sports and practice for a few minutes every day. If you do not practice for a day, you will feel that you are missing something. Friends who often experience freehand yoga practice, do you know that with the aid of tools, it is also very helpful to our fitness effect? We often hear about two exercise tools, fitness resistance bands and elastic rope, which are quite different. Difference 1: Different Shapes The Fitness resistance bands have a certain width, which increases our force-bearing area when used, and the damage to the skin is smaller. The elastic rope is a round rope. Generally speaking, when the rope is tightened, it will cause great damage to our skin, and the resistance bands used in yoga are elastic and cause relatively little damage to the skin. Difference 2: The Scope of Use is Different Fitness novices, we have to pay attention to this point, which can help you make good choices and achieve higher results. The fitness resistance bands seen by bodybuilders in the market is more convenient to carry and does not take up any space, so it is very popular among young people and old people. But compared with it, the elastic rope is relatively inconvenient to carry because of the relationship between the two handles.
  • 23 2020.12
    If you like running, it is necessary to strengthen your legs. We can use gym resistance bands to exercise leg muscles. On the one hand, gym resistance bands can increase training changes. Because of its high plasticity, gym resistance bands are applied to the basic movements of strength training to increase the training difficulty. On the other hand, gym resistance bands can improve coordination and balance. The flexibility of gym resistance bands enables users to maintain coordination and balance during use, which can enhance body stability. Recommended resistance band training 1. Hip external rotation in sitting position Sit in a chair and attach the elastic band to the right bench and the other end to your right ankle. Keep your knees together, slowly rotate your lower leg to the outside, then slowly control the leg back to the starting position, repeat the above action on the other side, repeat 20 times. 2. Stand with your legs up Place the gym resistance bands on your right leg and stand up. Keep the right leg straight, bend forward, and then slowly fall back. Repeat on the other side. 3. Standing hip abduction One end of th
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